I have mentioned several times on my blog that I have grown to know another person who has the same Cancer I was diagnosed with. He has a blog which can be found on my page to view. He has been updating it A LOT more than I do with a lot of great pictures of his journey through all of what he is going through. If you saw his blog, you may never look at mine again. He has been through a really rough time and it always seems that when you take one step ahead you fall back two steps. That is so true in a lot of things in life and unfortunetly he has just got 2 steps back. He ended up having a full Right leg amputation to his Hip and has been doing incredible since. Managing with 1 leg gone, he is doing a WHOLE lot better than with me missing part of my leg. He has been very inspiring to me as well as others.

It wasnt long after his recent amputation that he found a few bumps again. He recently had the CT test which unfortunetly showed more tumors in his wrist and spine now. It is really hard to hear this. Such a great guy from what I have gathered and for anyone to have to experience what I have or he has or anyone else with Cancer is so gut wrenching. He has so much strength. If you can keep him and his family in prayers I would appreciate it. He has a saying “Ride in a Good Direction” and “Today is a Good Day.” Hopefully those inspire you as they did to me!

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  1. Monica on the November 18, 2011 remarked #

    Hi, I was looking for info. on Bret Hoefen and saw your site. I had ovarian cancer about three decades ago. You can check out my site for health info. and other topics.
    God bless, Monica

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