So blessed to be here to say that I am now 14 months Cancer Free! I couldn’t be where I am at today with out the support and love from my family and other loved ones.

Last year at this point, I was receiving Chemo treatments and was very sick. My cousin, Taylor, who lives in Seattle came to stay with me the entire summer to help me through my Chemo and daily tasks. With her being 15 at the time (now 16) we built such an amazing friendship bond like sisters would. Her mom allowed her to come stay with me and my family again this summer! Her mom decided to come as well for 2 weeks with Taylors brothers who are 12 and 14. They arrived yesterday and we had such a fun night catching up in 100+ degree weather! After we had happy hour with chips and soda, we went to the movies to see Bridesmaids. HILARIOUS! I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time.

Every month I have to go in for these tests and it is a real downer, but when I come out and everything is ok, it takes me a little bit to realize “WOW look how far I have come.” It is very true that we do not know the cards we will be handed, but we have to look at those cards and see the good. I think the good is it has brought me closer to my family, even Dad, and then I got to spend quality time with my Cousin, Taylor. Life is really short and we have to make every minute count. I am not perfect by any means nor doing good with taking my own advice, but every day is a new day and life is what we make of it. I am glad that my cousin is here again this summer to show me what it is like to smile and laugh again because I have really forgot about it. My nephews are a major part of my life and have sadly been away on a trip for a month now (come back tonight!!!), but to have those friendships and relationships are so important and I need to just surround myself with more of them!

To ALL of my CCS Friends (clear cell sarcoma, cancer), it DOES get better. KEEP your head up and KEEP smiling. I am always here to support you and I know you are there for me as well. As rare as our Cancer type is, God wanted us all to meet and I am glad we have found the avenues to talk! HUGS to all of you!

Can’t wait to post that I am Cancer free for 25 years! 😉



  1. GPat on the July 1, 2011 remarked #

    I am sooo happy for you Dani
    It sounds like you are happy and getting healthy. Keep up
    the good work. I Love You


  2. Dani Solberg on the July 1, 2011 remarked #

    HI GPAT! I miss you! Thank you for ur luv and support! 😉

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