PHEW another month has passed and still no sign of that nasty cancer creeping back into my body! Every month I have noticed I am getting less stressed for these visits and more hopeful that they will turn out just fine when I arrive for the results.

My Doctor told me today that I will do 2 months of an Xray and then in October will have another CT test. After that it will be every 3 months for CT and no more Xrays. I can NOT wait for this. Reason for that time period is they wanted me to have 1 year of being off Chemo before they moved to every 3 months. This time last year I was thinking I was going to not survive this Cancer and I have to say now I have more faith I will.

Today turned to be a bad day for me even though I was told WONDERFUL news of being 15 months Cancer Free. My Oncologist that helped me get through Chemo and is constantly observing me and my tests announced to me today that she is leaving to go over to Cedars Sini, LA to head up the Sarcoma Resarch Program there. She is also taking my nurse with her as they have been a wonderful team together. It is a bittersweet goodbye. I am happy for her; however, I am concerned that the new Doctor that is taking her place will not be as proactive as her and change my schedule with testings. If something was to ever come up, I will fly out to CA to see my Doctor as I respect and trust her opinion. I am not one to go to Doctors and this last year has been very hard for me with that because I do not like going to them. She was so compasionnate and had such deep concern for me and really cared for me. Everytime I was in the Hospital she came to see me and often brought my nurse. I would always get a very warm hug and it made me feel that she did care and was in my corner. It is sad for me that I can not see her, but I do hope I never have to again!

CHEERS to being 15 months Cancer Free. I am so thankful for my whole team of Doctors who did make radical decisions with amputation and chemo. I strongly feel that if we did not have that approach I would not be here. I also appreciate all of your support as it has meant SO much to me over this last year!



  1. Peggy Salmon on the August 16, 2011 remarked #

    Sorry that I have not posted in awhile, but I continue to think of you often and am so happy for the good news!
    I have had a few difficulties of my own the past few months, and when I get discouraged, I think of you and others who have had so much more to overcome..and Have done so!! You are a inspiration to so many…
    Continue to listen to your doctors and get stronger and healthier each day.
    Blessings, Peggy

  2. Shannon Hoefen on the October 29, 2011 remarked #

    Hi Dani! It’s been too long since I have dropped you a note but Bret and I think of you all the time. We read that you are starting treatments again after a recent scan and know that it’s not easy by any means to do this part again. From here in Rochester, we are sending you e-hugs and all our best. Thanks to you and this CCS network, you have taught us how to live each day to the fullest and you all keep paving the road for a better tomorrow. As Mike Gratz would say “keep up the good fight” and as Bret reminds me daily, “today is your best day!”.

  3. Lisa Dotson on the November 12, 2011 remarked #

    Dani, I know you don’t know me but my father is also fighting CCS. He is one of the oldest know cases at 72. Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily as we pray for all of our CCS family members. Carolina has updated us on your condition and we just want you to know that you are an inspiration to all of us. You are such a strong fighter. Try and stay positive and don’t ever give up. And as Bret says live for today. Send our well wishes and prayers your way. Lisa

  4. Erin Good on the May 3, 2012 remarked #

    Dani, may you be at peace and know how loved you were and are. You were always full of light and love and touched each person you encountered. I know you’ll be sending love and laughter from Heaven to your family and friends. I am so sad, but so grateful I got to see you at Christmas and very thankful to have grown up with you. Xoxo, Erin

  5. rachel randler on the May 3, 2012 remarked #

    Thank you for being here for me when I was first diagnosed. You brought comfort to me and knew just what to say. My heart is broken tonight but I find peace in knowing you are no longer in pain. Thank you for your friendship and encouragement.
    All my love,

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