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15th Post: DONE with CHEMO!!!! :)

What a great way to end October! I was finally feeling better after I was sick a couple of weeks ago so they had me go in for my Chemo last week. Other than being really bored and tired while sitting in the Chemo chair, I actually am feeling pretty good compared to some of […]

14th Post: Sick so no Chemo :(

Wow this month is already flying by, and year. I still feel like it is May. So most of my family has been sick and we have been very careful with wearing masks and keeping people away from me, but sadly I got what was going around. I have flu and sinus like symptoms. The […]

13th Post- Worked 8 hours today, well sort of!

As you can maybe tell by now I am starting to update my blog more often. I am feeling really good at the time and able to do a whole lot more. I spent the weekend with my Mom and we did a Mall (I am a girl what can I say!) and then rested […]

12th Post- going to town!

Can you believe it is OCTOBER already? I am shocked how fast this year has gone and it is sad that most of the year was with me being sick and in treatments. I cant wait for next year to start and to be able to start living my life again. Time and life is […]