Well hello there! Instead of talking about how I am feeling I am going to talk about something a little different. A week ago I met up with my best friend, Brittany, from college and her mom in Dallas, TX. I just started being able to be more mobile and putting the wheelchair in my car when I heard they were in Dallas for work for a weekend. I was a little nervous to head out there (5 hour drive), but it was worth it in the end. I have only seen Brittany 2 times in 5 years (since I left College).

Last year she came to San Antonio for work for a day and we got to spend a little time together catching up. She came at the worst time as I was in the worst phase of my Chemo and wasnt getting around that well. When I met up with Brittany and her mom in Dallas last weekend they were so upset to learn about my troubles with medical bills and getting my prosthesis. Last January I had to change my Health insurance plan as my parents plan I was on was too expensive to keep me on. I knew I was moving to Texas within a few months from that time so I decided to get Insurance that will protect me but not the most comprehensive plan. I am an Insurance agent so I really looked into my options and felt like I made the right decision for me. I never went to Doctors, never was so ill had to see a doctor, and never took medications; so I felt that the basic plan was better with no prescription coverage. I mean it made sense knowing I would be changing policies within 3ish months and $300 cheaper monthly, right? Well I was only in Texas for 4 days when I saw a Doctor and I had no time to change my Insurance as I was in surgery 2 days later. At that point I would be automatically denied on all Insurnaces in Texas other than the state pool (for people who are denied Health Insurance). I wasnt able to change until January as I would have to pay 2 deductibles and 2 different max out of pocket amounts. It is something I am now open about with my clients that taking the easy way sometimes isnt the best way because you may pay for it later like I am. I am working on getting a transfer to a new Insurance through the company I am with now; which allows me to stay with my current doctors and continue with treatments. It just takes a long time to get it worked out so I am still having issues. I have about a $10K yearly out of pocket with a $3K deductible. Oh and no Prescription Insurance; which I am on 5 prescriptions (used to be 10 until a few months ago). While I was in WA I got a phone call from my Doctors office for my Prosthesis and they told me that the Insurance plan is only willing to contribute 10% of the total cost of the prosthesis and the 90% will not go towards my out of pocket. They informed me that my share would be roughly $8K in total to obtain my prosthesis. Not a good call to receive when I was on Vacation.

I was telling my friend, Brittany, about it last weekend as her and her mom were curious why I still didnt have my prosthesis as I have been working on getting one since last May. A couple of days ago I got a call from Brittany that her and her mom are going to donate all of the sales for their English Toffee that they homemake, for the month of February, to help me with my prosthesis. I am never one to take anything from anyone, but it is an amazing thing and they wouldnt take no for an answer. I am so blessed to have the amazing people in my life who want to do such an amazing thing for me. Yesterday they announced this to the people on facebook and it was sent to about 700 people just in the last day. I have been getting emails and calls about it since then wanting to know how they can order.

SO, if you want to order some AMAZING English Toffee that my friend and her mom make, this is the website you can order from. If you know others who would like some order them in 1 order for easy shipping. Any questions let me know! The website to look this up and to donate to my cause is:


Brittany is going to try and put a place where you can donate money if you do not want to buy the toffee or if you want to help more. Just let me know if you need to know any of that and I will help you out.

Hope you all have an amazing start to your Februray!

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