On Tuesday I learned of the passing of my 26 year old cousin. He was my moms, brothers, first son. He was devastating to hear; especcially after him and I were the same age and grew up together. It is never easy to hear a loss of a stranger, friend, coworker, or family member. With everything I am going through it made it that much harder because I realize even more now how fragile our lives are and at any moment God can take us to Heaven to be with him and honestly that scares the sh** out of me.

I have received some feedback from fellow CCS patients that some of their scans from CT or PET have been coming back clear. GREAT news and I hope it remains that way for them and for me as well.

This week has been a weird week. Tuesday I found out about the passing of my cousin and then I found out my Dad’s uncle (we were not close to him) passed away. 5 minuets before all of this information came out I was on my way to the dentist from a broken tooth. Last summer I broke my back mular on my left side but was unable to go to a dentist to have it fixed as there could be complications with me getting chemo at the time. Sunday night I broke it further to the point of aggitation and BOY did it keep me up all night it was throbing of pain. I went to the dentist in my office building and he was so nice and helpful. Unfortunetly, he could not help me and directed me to an oral surgeron who was waiting for me about 10 mins away. I had a coworker help me and we went to the oral surgerons office and they numbed me up (even offered to put me to sleep, NO WAY JOSE) and took the tooth out. Took 20 mins to pull it out as they were running into complications. Horrible pain and discomfort. I feel like I haveĀ  a crater in my mouth. It has been hard to eat and open my mouth up wide enough to take anything down, but at least the tooth is gone and wont be causing me anymore pain.

So, my cousin’s funeral is next week and it sounds like I do not get to go. 1 I do not have money to fly back to WA and 2 it will be hard to get around in the wheelchair. Thankfully, my mom is going to be with my other cousins and to be there for them for a shoulder to lean on. I am very close with a couple of my cousins and it saddens me they are going through this pain. They havent seen their bother recently as him and his father have not had a relationship in years, but they talk to his sister daily at school and used to talk to Brandon on the phone quite a bit. I am glad they still had a connection to him even though his Dad was not in the picture. Sad times for sure.

On another note, it is March. Where has time gone? I am sitting here in my office with my Starbucks coffee (which they goofed and put Hot Choc in there) and a dozen full of Krispy Kreme donuts. NO I did not buy them all for me! I decided it was Friday and bought them for my employees! One of them was so excited he sat down at my table in my office and ate 3 in 1 sitting in less than 5 mins. One of the other boys came in and grabbed a paper towel and started stacking the donuts up and then disappeared with the mountain. They are funny boys! Definitely know how to lighten the mood around the office.

I hope you have a good Friday and enjoy your weekend!


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