October is a pretty special month; I found out that I am 18 months cancer free and this is exactly a year ago I ended my chemo; which lasted a little over 6 months. I can not believe the road I have been on and the people I have met. My Doctor even told me of 2 more recent cases with my same cancer. Unfortunetly they are not doing well, but they are in great hands. Thank you all for your continued love and support!

At least I had 1 day thinking I was 18 months Cancer Free. Have to have a CT test Friday now as my Dr is concernced with my cough for 2 months. She ruled out allergies yesterday and now she is concerned there may be a tumor on my lungs; which the tests i have been haing do not show anything under 1 cm. Been a prety emotional afternoon. Tryingg to be strong for everyone around me, but I think I need a day to lose it.

Where do I start….Well they found 2 nodules on my lungs. They are going to have me do more tests on probably Tuesday, meet with Dr next day or 2 after that and then surgery. They are going to want to get those out of there and if it is my cancer they are starting me on radiation. Not the news I was expecting. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers during this rough time.

Got more news that they saw more nodules on my lymph nodes in my left leg by the hip. Not been a good week of results. Next is PET scan now that we have areas of concern. This all has come in the last 2 months as my scans were fine 2 months ago.

Drs appt on Monday with my team of Oncologists. Guess I will be told the route we must go then. Very nerve racking. They orded a PET scan; however insurance decided I shall have an MRI instead because its cheaper. ERK. We have appealed it 4 times NOW. We will see what happens next week.

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