After meeting with the Docs Mon they had me start my Chemo on Tuesday and it went till Thursday. Boy did that knock me off my legs! Definitely had a lot of confusion and times I was not understanding where I was basically just loopy. Was definitely hard on me this time around Mentally and Physically. I am currently trying to get a lot of fluids in me. Then its on to getting better for my vacation on Thursday. Hopefully I am not sick then.

Met with my Doctors and I have a very large tumor and small nodules in my lymph nodes on my ampitated leg. I also have a couple small ones on my left lung. The large tumor is concerning and has come in the last 3 months and it does make it hurt to sit etc. Doctors wanted to start me on cycles of my chemo that I recd last year that is the most I can have of this chemo so then we will start chemo trials and hopefully kill this tumor.


Feeling a little better since I felt death come over me. I have no energy today and can barely talk so I am home resting now from a night out trick or treating with the nephews. I cheated, I stayed in the car and said where to go! I felt that was good enough! Other than that I am not really eating much still other than some jello and yougurt. Tried fries today and ate 4 and had some soda and it didnt agree with me. Chemo likes to kill taste buds first so I lose quite a bit of weight on this chemo cause nothing tastes or sounds good! I am on the chemo diet and it sucks! 🙂 Hope all of you are well.

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