After a year since my last Pet Scan, I am scheduled for another one tomorrow. These tests are supposed to show all hot spots and the tests I have been getting (CT/XRAY) do not show the tiniest of things so I am a little concerned. Everyone keeps telling me everything will be ok and I would love to believe it, but it does not make going into these tests with an easy feeling. I wont be getting my test results until Monday; which is FOREVER to wait.

Pet scans are tough, and I have only had one. Insurances often do not cover more than 1 in a year due to cost; which is why I am able to get one now. I also have a MUGA scan to show heart rythems and to make sure my Heart is good from the Chemo. I am not as worried about that test. Maybe I should be now? Oh geeze I dislike these days.

Friday marks exactly a year from when I had my leg amputation and being considered “Cancer Free.” Maybe I should go buy a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake and celebrate?! Good plan!

On a happier note, my good friend, Brittany, came to visit. We met in College 7 years ago. YES 7. I have no idea where time goes I definitely dont feel that old. Brittany and her mom sell homemade toffee and are donating the proceeds to me for awhile until I get enough money to pay for my prosthesis. They are so generious and it is so amazing all of the people who have gone forward to help out. They were only going to do it for February but decided to continue the time. Hopefully we can raise enough to get me back on me feet. I AM READY!

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