Last night before I went home from work I recieved a call letting me know my PET scan that I have been anxiously waiting for, was in fact post poned due to Insurance Prior Authorization. It is a very expensive test so I get it but I havent been able to get my routine test for a month now (so 2 months delayed) due to Insurance changes etc. If something was to show up and we could have seen it sooner I will be really upset because this is my life. Really frustrating to be put through all of this. I am in the Health Insurance business and I understand timing etc, but I have been battling this for a long time and its as if Im on my own to figure it out. Thank goodness I have insight and not left to figure out how things work.

Friday is a big day as it is a year post amputation and status of “cancer Free”. BIG day for me and now I have the stress of a PET scan that day. Just ready to get it over with, get the results Monday, and see my Best Friend Angela who is coming over from California forĀ a week. Heres to hoping this next week goes FAST!

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