Archive | May, 2011

35th Post: Please keep Bret Hoefen in your Prayers

I have mentioned several times on my blog that I have grown to know another person who has the same Cancer I was diagnosed with. He has a blog which can be found on my page to view. He has been updating it A LOT more than I do with a lot of great pictures […]

34th Post: 13 months and counting!!! :)

You read that correctly! I am still CANCER FREE!!!!! HIP HIP HORRAY!!!! With the news of a fellow friends results from a Biopsy lingering on my mind, it was nice to have my nephew (4 yrs of age) around to pick me up! He is so amazing to be around and even greater at these […]

33rd Post: Testing again? SO SOON?

That came by fast! Guess when you are having fun and working hard time goes by fast!!! A month ago I had my year check up and was told I am still GOOD! The one area that they do not test (leg) always worried me so finally today I got to have an MRI of […]