One of my fellow CCS friends, Carolina, has been fighting for her life as well to get rid of CCS forever. She is getting ready to head to Germany for treatment to see if they can get rid of CCS. Looking forward to hearing how her experience/trip goes.

Her husband made a very touching video for Carolina to the song, “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Ms. Cyrus came acrossed the video and is going to post it on her blog. It amazes me how much word we are able to get out there. I wish I could have been more apart of that. So many of my CCS friends have been published in papers, on tv, and just out there doing word of mouth. Other than my blog not many people know my story. Maybe after being Cancer free for a year (crossing fingers) I will make a video for Youtube as well. Anyone know how? HA!

Anyways, check it out and show your support. If you watch till the end you will see my name on a list of others who have had or battling CCS!

Thanks Carolina for being a great support to myself and others even with your own battle! God Bless!

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