First off, I would like to apologize to those who do follow this page and for not being better about my udpates. Ever since i was rediagnosed with my Cancer last October it has been really hard emotionaly. We started Chemo right away and after a couple of cycles I ended up in the hospital due to severe dehyrdation. The Dr encouraged me to head to WA with family to visit family and friends and due to chemo I was not eating or drinking.

The day I get back and see the Dr they said I was perhaps in Kidney Failure due to lab results. After many tests and many days in the hospital it was decided it was due to severe dehydration. Definitely a scary time for my family and myself. It always felt like there was a new problem we had to deal with on a daily basis. Once I bounced back we started a new chemo regiment as the other one I exhausted how many times I could have it. I would say the new chemo has been a little tougher for my body and it takes longer for me to bounce back from it.

In Mid December we had a PET scan and it showed that the 8 tumors I had they were all gone except for 1 in my left groin. It was the size of a softball and shrunk about 40%. Up until this scan we were not hopeful and I was unsure if I would make it until the end of the year. Death was the only thing on my mind and it was really a hard time for my family and myself. Once we had that Drs appt we sat around in shock that we actually just had good news. This cancer is nasty and we are still hoping the chemo kills it all but we do not that statistically it could come back and we havent had a scan since so there is a chance the tumor has groin and others have formed again.

We are doing the best we can and just going through each day hoping to see the next. I decided in Jan I was tired of just laying around and thinking about Cancer and Death so I decided to go back to work on a part time basis (when I felt up to it basically) and that has helped to be around people again. In the next couple of weeks I should have another scan and we are definitely nervous for this scan but it will give us an indication of what this new chemo regiment is doing to this cancer.

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