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General Update

First off, I would like to apologize to those who do follow this page and for not being better about my udpates. Ever since i was rediagnosed with my Cancer last October it has been really hard emotionaly. We started Chemo right away and after a couple of cycles I ended up in the hospital […]

October Update

After meeting with the Docs Mon they had me start my Chemo on Tuesday and it went till Thursday. Boy did that knock me off my legs! Definitely had a lot of confusion and times I was not understanding where I was basically just loopy. Was definitely hard on me this time around Mentally and […]

Worst news you could want…

October is a pretty special month; I found out that I am 18 months cancer free and this is exactly a year ago I ended my chemo; which lasted a little over 6 months. I can not believe the road I have been on and the people I have met. My Doctor even told me […]

What is CCS or Clear Cell Sarcoma?

One question I get all of the time from people about the Cancer I had was, WHAT IS THAT?! By just getting the word out there we are opening up the doors to so many that can pass it on to make this cancer not so foreign. I often ask WHY did I get this, […]

Family Time!

Went to Sea World this weekend with family. Makes it hard to do those big parks in a wheelchair as I had my leg removed from Clear Cell Sarcoma, but it was nice to get out and try new things. I was able to go on this boat ride on these rapids and I managed […]

NINTH POST- by Russ (brother)

Dani has begun her 5th round of chemo on time, which is really good since it has been delayed in the past and means that she handled the 4th round very well.    Dani’s spirits continue to be high and she has started to spend some time in the VibrantUSA office in San Antonio.  The […]

EIGHTH POST-by Russ (brother)

Hello there to all of Dani’s friends and family.  I know it has been awhile since Dani has been able to put out an update and I thought I’d spend a few minutes to update everyone on how she is doing etc. These past few weeks have been pretty rough.  When they say chemo will […]